Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence

  • Domestic Violence is the 2nd most committed crime in the United States (Petty Larceny is the country’s most-committed crime).
  • 25,000 people a year are charged with domestic violence in New Mexico

Source: Federal Bureau of Investigation; State of New Mexico.

Albuquerque Domestic Violence Attorney

Albuquerque domestic violence charges are very serious and can have long-term effects on your lifestyle, including the ability to own firearms or hold certain jobs and your ability to have contact with a spouse, children or other family members.

New Mexico domestic violence charges can also have a negative impact on other court proceedings, including divorce, child custody and visitation rights. While authorities used to attempt to mediate domestic arguments, law enforcement in today’s world are much more likely to make an arrest and let the courts sort it out.

Albuquerque Domestic Violence Lawyer Glenn Smith Valdez understands such allegations, even when unfounded, can have a devastating effect on your reputation, lifestyle, family relationships and the future financial well-being of you and your family.

While typically charged as a misdemeanor, domestic violence cases can be highly charged, emotional cases that are tough on a whole family. It is important to separate emotions from the facts, and from the evidence. An Albuquerque defense attorney experienced in defending clients against domestic violence charges can protect your rights, your future and your livelihood.

When domestic violence allegations are made maliciously -- through ignorance, spite or defiance – hiring an aggressive Albuquerque defense lawyer is the first step toward preventing such allegations from having long-term consequences in your life. Someone who will make such a serious allegation may also give false testimony in court.

In other cases, law enforcement officers responding the scene of a heated domestic argument will arrest and charge one of the parties with domestic violence, despite having few of the facts to substantiate such a serious charge.

Compounding the injustice, prosecutors will rarely dismiss a New Mexico domestic violence charge, regardless of the facts. Glenn Smith Valdez handles domestic violence charges in Albuquerque and the surrounding area, including Valencia County, Cibola County, Socorro County and Sandoval County.

Glenn Smith Valdez will separate fact from fiction and aggressively defend you from domestic violence charges. He will work with you to set your emotions aside, build a strong defense, work with prosecutors on a reduction in charges, or work with you to build your case for trial.

If you are facing domestic violence charges in the Albuquerque area, contact Glenn Smith Valdez today for a free and confidential appointment to discuss your rights.

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